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As we all originate from the slopes of Ararat mountain, the products, grown in Armenia best fit to our genetic codes and metabolism and are ideal for keeping our body balance, prescribed by the Nature.

Having preserved to the larger degree its virgin state through the centuries, Armenia grows ecologically clean food products, which serve best to our nutrition needs.

Origination of many plants from Armenia was proven scientifically and in couple of instances is even reflected in their names ( for example, “Prunus Armeniaca" or "Armenian Apple" in Latin for the apricot). Therefore, products of Armenia have preserved their pure and natural taste.

Fresh Fruits

... from the tree branch to your table

We consider every fruit grown, other than taste and nutrition qualities, to possess also aesthetical value. Having said this, we offer particular, fruits, from the tree branch, with their growth history from blossoming to ripening featured in pictures.

The fruit, freshly picked from the tree and delivered to your celebration table fresh, with pictures, accompanying, is a perfect gift idea.

Based on the seasonality, you may order a specific fruit to the specific date. Specifically, peaches, grapes, nuts, granats, melons can be ordered with us at this time of the year. The prices range from $50 to $90 per five-ten units, shown on one branch, paid upon delivery. The particular price quote depends on the specific fruits ordered and shipment arrangements or auction's winning bid. Discounts of up to 30% are given for orders of $240 and more.


Bid here for eight peaches on the branch shown in the garden by the Ararat slopes. The peaches ripen by Oct 11th 13:00 GMT and will be due for immediate (1 day max.) delivery to the winning bid address. Proceed here for the branch's growth and fruit ripening history.

Allow 24 hours for your bid to come into effect and be shown

Present Bid: $68.50 for five peaches shown.

Incremental Bid: $69.50 (Bid here)

Scroll down the page for payment terms/instructions.

Dried Fruit

Ecologically clean assorted Armenian large dried apricots, peaches, apples and cherries of perfect quality can be ordered with us year around.

The prices range from $9.30 to $ 12.00 per pack of 226 gram (0.5 Lb), paid upon delivery. Minimum order of 2 kg (4.5 Lb) only can be accepted at this time. Discounts of up to 30% are given for orders of $120 and more.

Large dried apricots, dipped in black and white chocolate; Large, sundried apricots (no sulphur applied)

Armenian Juices

Apricot, peach, apple, and rosehip juices made from Armenian fresh fruits with no preservatives can be ordered with us. The juices are product of Armenian "Kilikia" company.

Price per 1 liter pack with delivery is $11.20. The minimum order of 12 packs can only be accepted at this time. Payment can be done via bank transfer/personal check upon the delivery. Place your order here.

Armenian Wines

Ijevan Wine Factory

"...They also kept wheat, barley, vegetables and wine in the jars. There were straws of different sizes in the wine. Those who wanted to drink wine put the straw into their mouth and sucked wine through it. The wine was not diluted with water and was very strong, but for those who were used to it, it was a very pleasant beverage."

Recollection of Xenophon of his visit to the country of the Armenians.

Ijevan wine factory has been producing Armenian wines from indigenous Ijevan
area grapes types from 1976. The vineyards of these regions are located at the
altitude of 700-1200 meters above the sea. Grapes are cultivated on the stony
calcareous lands. The unique climate and land have been ideal for making wines
with delicate and pleasant taste.

See “Rapports d’Analyses” (in French) for tests information by “Laboratoire
Interregional De Bordeaux”.

The variety offered includes: 





Semisweet Dessert Red



Semisweet Dessert Red


“Red Ijevan

Red Dry


“Rose Ijevan

Rose Dry



Red Dessert


“White Ijevan"

White Dry


"Vazashen" Semisweet Dessert Red $28.90
"Grenade" Semisweet Pomegranate wine $31.40
"Old Armenian N7" Red Dry $31.20

Shipment price- $6.20 per bottle. Minimum order of two bottles can be accepted. Free shipping for above four bottles at one order.

(wholesale lots of minimum 700 Lb (340 kg) to the USA or 2200 Lb (1 ton) to Europe, Middle East can only by accepted at this time

Fish offered is grown in the cristal clear springs of melted snow water from the slopes of Ararat or in the clearest waters of Lake Sevan, situated at 2000 meters above sea level.

Rainbow Trout, 1-2.5 Lb (450- 1200 g.) fresh/frozen, gutted
Price $7.50 per Lb. ($15.48 per Kg.)


Famous Lake Sevan endemic "Ishkhan" trout, 1-2.5 Lb (450- 1200 g.) fresh/frozen, gutted
Price $8.20 per Lb. ($18.14 per Kg.)

Rainbow trout, , cold smoked, vacuum packed
Price (whole): $8.00 per Lb. ($17.69 per Kg.)

Price (fillet): $8.30 per Lb. ($18.10 per Kg.)


Rainbow trout (Red) caviar.
Price: $40.27 per Lb. ($88.99 per Kg.)


Sturgeon (Acipenser baerii), fresh/frozen, 2,5-8 Lb (1,2-4 Kg) gutted
Price: $13.80 per Lb. ($30.52 per Kg.)


Sturgeon fillet, cold smoked, vacuum packed (packs of 1.4-1.5 Lb.)
Price: $19.79 per Lb. ($43.76 per Kg.)


Large crawfish fresh (4-5 crawfish per 1 Lb or 10 per 1 Kg.)
Minimum order size 670 Lb for the USA or 1 ton for Europe.
Price: $7.69 per 1 Lb. ($16.99 per Kg.)

 Payment can be done by personal check (US residents only) or via wire transfer. Ebay account owners with reliable credit history can pay upon delivery.

 Please, contact us at info@nativalues.com for more details.

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