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Armenian Crafts

All art articles enlisted below for sale are hand crafted in best traditions and original Armenian designs, with use of traditional materials.

They can be delivered to your address in USA, Canada and Europe within three months from the time of order placement.

Orders in excess of $110 can only be processed at this time. Payment via wire transfer or personal check (US residents only) can be made upon the order delivery.

Two hand made dolls, featuring Armenian ethnical attire. Perfect gift item.
Price: $44.00 each.; $68 for the pair (both prices incl. shipping)


Hand crafted walnut
Drawer Chest.
Dimensions: 124 cm (height) x 100 cm(width) x 60

Price: $ 1700.00 (incl shipping)

Clay Vessels
(Replicas of Urartrian shapes. The designs reflect original prehistorical cave drawings)

Price (incl shipping):
$ 84.00 each

Hand woven Purses (cotton) Price: $ 35 each (incl. shipping)

Vase, curved out of translucent semiprecious obsidian stone

Height*: 10 inches (26 cm)

*Dimensions can be altered upon specific inquiry at an additional price.

Price: $ 120.00 (incl. shipping)

Hand curved jewelery Box (pear wood), presenting a traditional Armenian ornament. Price: $ 80.00 (incl. shipping)

  Hand curved decor articles (walnut)
Ask for price by indicating specific article/s of your interest (give their number on the picture or a description).

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