We would like to provide you with opportunities to associate yourself with your ancestral home - Armenia. We can offer you the following exposure encounters.

History Learn about the people who were there to stay by the Mount Ararat for centuries since Noah's times. Learn about the Armenian civilization.

Natural Products Learn about ultimate, unsurpassed merits of Armenian products, prescribed to your body by the nature. Order from our selected assortment of pure, ecologically clean Armenian products.

Carpets See our fine selection of brand name and antique hand knotted carpets of the region. Buy the ones of your choice.

Crafts See our selection of state-of-the-art hand made Armenian crafts, made with care in Armenian indigenous tradition. Order the ones you like.

Fauna Armenia once was and still is exceptionally rich in wildlife, especially in birds variety (346 species). Unique species, which were domesti-cated since prehistoric times, such as Caucasian shipdog, have been preserved here in their original pedigree qualities.


Visit our partner site http://www.allabout.am/armeniatoday for Armenian attractions.
(write to us, what you would like to see/be exposed to in Armenia and in what time period- we will get back to you with customized and budgeted tour options)

Coming to Armenia (write to us about your visit needs and we will get back to you with specific options).

Doing Business in Armenia Indicate, what your business interests/priorities in Armenia are, what logistics support do you need, while visiting Armenia by writing to info@nativalues.com, and we will get back to you with specific business opportunities and business projects).Our competences include but are not limited to hospitality business, telecommunications, business development and representation, brands development and localisation, FMCG distribution, marketing and sales, equipment and supplies procurement.

Communities/Discussion Forum

(visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/4u2r_Armenian/ for Armenian topics, or indicate specific community encounters/exposure you and your family members are looking for, and we will try to help)
Topics offered for discussion include:
- Building communities by common interests, descent, affiliation, joint effort needed;
- Finding your ancestral home
- Matching kids for summer or primary school classes in Armenia;
-Reaching decision makers in Armenia and donors on issues of groups` common interest;
- and more.

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